City of Sheffield


Here it is, Sheffield in all its glory.
Mind the huge dark cloud, this is Yorkshire and rain is as common here as sand is on a desert or trees in a forest or... well, you get the point.
And here is panorama of Sheffield at night. You can see train station (bottom part), Sheffield Hallam University and the huge erected one is St Paul's Tower.

Means of transport

You can travel by tram, called Supertram. Not sure why it's called like that, all it does is move on rails, it's not flying or anything like that. Maybe it is supertram because it leves cool light trails, or maybe just because it is cleaner than the bus:/
Ahhh, buses, dirty, always late and uncomfortable. When they start moving you feel like your head is going to fall off, when they stop your head bangs whatever is in front of you. Still, they cover more routes than trams, so... oh, and they don't leave as nice light trails as trams do.

Town Hall

Town Hall... place where poor get married, since they can't afford proper ceremony in the church. What else... it's old and has nice fountain next to it. There are also Sakura (Japanese cherry tree) around the fountain, planted to commemorate victims of nuclear bomb droppings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What to do in Sheffield?

1. Study

Following the demise of steel mills and the fact there are two universities and a college, to nobody's surprise Sheffield has been rebranded from 'Steel City' to a student city.

The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield. This traditional red brick uni was established in 1828 as Sheffield Medical School and changed to TUoS in 1905. It is 12th in the country and 69th in the world ranking (WARNING: those numbers vary, depending on who has created ranking) and considered by many as more 'prestigious' than Hallam University. Interesting thing is, the red building on the pic is the main unit, but majority of students have never been inside it during their studies at TUoS.

Sheffield Hallam University

Branded as worse and for people who are not smart enough to make it to the UoS. However, this debate is still going on and is far from over. University was founded in 1843 and received status of an university in 1992. Its main building may not look as good as red brick of TUoS, but many of its other buildings are newer and look better, more up to date (probably as former TUoS student I shouldn't say that).

The Sheffield College

Apparently, a place for people who are crap at studying and so, unable to make it to the uni, but still want to do something more meaningful than working at McDonalds for the rest of their lives. College has been recently rebuilt and has characteristic wind turbines on top. Hard to miss.

City Hall

City Hall is an entertainment facility with ballroom and concert hall.


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