Leśny Park Niespodzianek

Ustroń. Poland

A different Point of Interest this time. Lesny Park Niespodzianek is located in south of Poland, near city called Ustron. The city itself used to be a spa with many tourists, but now is pretty much forgotten. Still, there is quite a few hotels left and if you want to rest in a quiet place without tourists swarming around, it may be just for you. Park is also located near those hotels, which makes it extremly convinient for visiting. However, if you just want to see birds or animals in captivity, any other zoo would be fine. Only if you are a photographer and you want to train shooting birds of prey while flying (unlike zoo, here birds are let to fly for a moment or so) then it is the right spot for you. So, is the park a POI? It's kind of a mixed bag, depends on where you are (live or spending your time) and your interests, but I would recommend it.
WARNING: Many of the animals walk freely around, so if your kid knows no danger, runs to it and gets kicked, blame yourself. Also, eagle or falcon can attack small animal, so leave your dog at home.



Bonus #1: Panorama of the Area

This is just to show how the area looks like and what to expect.

Bonus #2 Hotel

Triangle, pyramid like hotels are characteristic to the area, but many is in bad shape these days.

Super special bonus: me with an eagle

Untitled photo
Sorry, can't afford a model so it is just me... Anyway, if you pay, you can have picture taken with a bird of your choice. Bald eagle is really heavy, but there are small birds as well that you can hold on your arm... well, it's more like bird holds your arm.

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